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​​​​​​​Safari can't open „https://company.com/de/bedienungsanleitung/manual-output/?pid=3254&pdf=.pdf“ nicht öffnen. Fehler: „cannot parse response“ (NSURLErrorDomain:-1017)


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Good morning
we have a strange Problem with Safari generating PDF Files. It takes ages and then we get following error.
Safari can't open „https://company.com/de/bedienungsanleitung/manual-output/?pid=3254&pdf=.pdf“ nicht öffnen.  Fehler: „cannot parse response“ (NSURLErrorDomain:-1017)

Things are even more complicated. We generate a smaller PDF with the exact same call without any error.

Any one any idea on this?

Your help is much appreciated!


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Hey @bbeer,

Is this related to a specific module, or are you generating PDF with custom code? Asking because a) if it's related to a specific module I can merge this topic with the support thread for that module, and b) if it's custom code, we would have to know a bit more about how you're generating those PDF files.

NSURLErrorDomain:-1017 is an error code that apparently means the browser was unable to parse response. If it works on other browsers it could be a browser bug, or some sort of incompatibility between your PDF generation method / its result and the PDF parser in Safari.

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