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Weekly update – 1 April 2022

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A few weeks ago I told you about a new module I was working on that automatically saves front-end form submissions and can send email reminders for the user to finish their form. The module is called FormAutoSaver. This week I finished up that module and have released it both in the ProDevTools board and the FormBuilder board, and it's available for download now. Note that it is first release/beta test version right now. This module can be used with or without FormBuilder. Though when used with FormBuilder it is more of a turn-key setup that can be done in the admin. 

I've put together a dedicated FormAutoSaver documentation and information page on the site, so rather than repeating a lot of information here I'll point you to that, if you are interested in it. I also wanted to mention that a new version of FormBuilder has also been released this week (v52). There aren't any major feature additions to write about here, but there are several small improvements and bug fixes. 

By the way, I've added FormAutoSaver to one FormBuilder form on this site: the site submission form. There's not much to see, since it silently works in the background. But if you want to try it out, fill-in some or all of the form (making sure to fill in your email address), but don't submit the form. Feel free to leave the form or even switch devices. You should get a reminder email in 5-10 minutes with a link to finish your form. While you are there, please submit recent sites you've built in ProcessWire, we love seeing your work!

My kids are starting spring break from school next week, so I'll be mostly offline and likely won't have any updates next week, but will be back to core updates after that and hopefully getting ready for a release candidate of our next master version shortly after. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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