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Problem whith notices in new Less module.


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ProcessWire 3.0.184 

I installed the new Less Module set it to Rock theme and added admin.less

// Primary color 
@rock-primary: #9f2d2d;

Now all notices and messages are red.


This is really annoying as users tend to call me about those "errors".




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... now all messages are yellow .... but still i am missing red and green

i tried
@alert-success-background:                     #32d296;
@alert-warning-background:                     #faa05a;
@alert-danger-background:                      #f0506e;

But they are ignored... 

When i tried :

@global-success-background:                     #32d296;
@global-warning-background:                     #faa05a;
@global-danger-background:                      #f0506e;

They got ignored too ?




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Now its nice Yellow ....still with messages that should be green ....



Edit: Forgot to say i Upgraded PW to 3.0.197 dev    and reinstalled the Less module ...

// Primary color 
@rock-primary: #9f2d2d;

// Margins
@global-margin: 10px; 
@global-medium-margin: 5px;
@global-small-margin: 3px;

// Logo Größe
.pw-logo {height: 60px !important;max-height: 60px !important;}
.pw-logo-custom {max-height: 60px !important;height: 60px !important}

@alert-primary-background: yellow;
@alert-success-background: green;
@alert-warning-background: orange;
@alert-danger-background: red;

The funny thing is when i set it to default template everything is perfectly OK


Edit Forgot to mention i Upgraded PW to 3.0.197 dev and completely reinstalled the Less Module

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@NorbertHAgh, my mistake. There's no need for @alert-success-background. It's just Uikit alert style not used by pw.

If you want normal messages to be green, put green color in @alert-primary-background:

@alert-primary-background: #32d296;
@alert-primary-color: #fff;
@alert-warning-background: #faa05a;
@alert-danger-background: #f0506e;

Here's a screenshot.


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