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[Solved] AsmSelect -> Default value (for "roles")


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Hello Community,

Could someone please help me with the input field type "AsmSelect"? I have a field "select_group" (Type: Page Reference) that loads all roles as a selection. Here my customer would like to have a certain role ALWAYS preselected and be able to select additional roles.
For this purpose, I have entered the page ID number of the role - 1053 - in the field "Default value" (under Settings specific to "asmSelect").

However, this entry is somehow completely ignored...!

Am I misunderstanding something in the description or is it possibly because it does not work with "roles" or is it a bug/feature?

For your information, selecting and displaying otherwise works wonderfully.

Thanks Ralf 


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I'm a dork - sorry robin, that was a classic translation error. After reading the sentence, I took the tick out of the box... ?
Ok, I just shouldn't be in front of the PC when I'm sick. ?

With the tick, of course, everything works as desired! ?

Have a nice day cu Ralf

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  • Ralf changed the title to [Solved] AsmSelect -> Default value (for "roles")

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