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Weekly update – 4 March 2022

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As we continue to work towards the next master version, this week I've been working on fixing reported issues. A new $sanitizer->words() method was also added which reduces a string to contain just words without punctuation and such. It was added in part to work on an issue reported with the tags feature in the field editor, but should be handy for other cases as well. As part of that update, the existing $sanitizer->word() (singular) method was re-written to support the features needed for the new words() plural method. This week I've also been working on a pull request from Bernhard that enables greater customization of AdminThemeUikit by way of custom render files and hooks. I'm bringing in that PR and it has a lot of good ideas that have inspired some related updates to it. I've got a bit more work and testing to do before committing, but that part should be ready early next week, along with more core updates. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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