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Drop down select to search form


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Sorry for this dummy question, I'm newbie for processwire.

I try to make new field for search form from "drop down module" but nothing happens.

Take a look:

<select id='country' data-placeholder="Country" placeholder="Country" name='country'>

<option value=''></option><?php 

foreach($country as $count){

$selected = $count == $input->whitelist->country ? " selected='selected' " : ''; 

echo "<option value='$count'>$count</option>";}



What am I doing wrong?


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The posted code example looks okay to me. But I'm not sure I understand the question… What is the "drop down module"? We'd probably also want to see where $country is coming from and where you are setting $input->whitelist->country. But most importantly, what is the expected output, and what output are you currently getting?

You need the curly brackets around count.

Curly brackets only necessary if you've got two "->" in there, meaning, you can do this:

echo "$page->title";

but not this

echo "$page->image->width";

you'd have to do this: 

echo "{$page->image->width}";
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<select id='country' data-placeholder="Country" placeholder="Country" name='country'>

<option value=''></option>
$selOptionsArray = preg_split('/\n/', $fields->country->select_options);

foreach ($selOptionsArray as $country) {
  $parts = preg_split('/:=/', $country);
  $selected = $parts[0] == $input->whitelist->country ? " selected='selected' " : ''; 
  echo "<option$selected value=\"{$parts[0]}\">{$parts[0]}</option>";


Great thanks to everybody for your help!

So, I'm just trying to make search "select" from select (AKA drop down) module.

It's not so easy (:

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