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How can i changed template path?


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I create a directory structure inside the main template directory.

So, the templates are inside a directory called pages.


But when I create a template from the admin, I get an error saying ProcessTemplate: No new template files were found in: /geointranet/site/templates/*.php. How can that core path be modified? It's possible?

Thanks to everyone!

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Thanks @3fingers

I tried to enter this condition

if($user->hasRole('superuser')) {
//or the same example
if($user->name =='username') {

in both _init.php and config.php, and it still doesn't work. I do not know what I'm doing wrong.

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3 hours ago, sebafurfaro said:

in both _init.php and config.php, and it still doesn't work

You can't do it in those files, use init.php instead, as opposed to _init.php. The latter is just a convention and often used like this:

 * _init.php initializes variables output in _main.php
 * This file is automatically prepended to all template files as a result of:
 * $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php'; in /site/config.php.
 * Automatic inclusion for any given template can be disabled:
 * in admin: Setup > Templates > [some-template] -> "Files" tab -> "Disable automatic prepend file".

In config.php the user is not yet known, as it runs before PW populates the $user and other API variables. 

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I moved the snippet to the init.php file and I get this error:


I tried the same example from here 


And I get the same error. So, I tried this one:

$config->setLocation('templates', 'site/templates/pages/');

& this one:


For the last one, I move the directory pages into site, but the error is the same.

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