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Sort with has_parent ?


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I would like to sort search results so that those with a specific root parent ID (could be the immediate parent, could be one higher) are prioritised, essentially pinned to the top of the results. How can I do this please? My existing query is very straightforward (using SearchEngine module for index):

$pages->find('search_index%=' . $query . ', limit=15');

Essentially what I want is something like this:

$pages->find('search_index%=' . $query . ', sort=[has_parent=1234], limit=15');


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One method would be to combining two finds, something like this:

$results = $pages->find("search_index%=$query, has_parent=1234");
$moreResults = $pages->find("search_index%=$query, has_parent!=1234");
$limitedResults = $allResults->slice(0, 15);

Note that setDuplicateChecking() can be useful with import() when doing this sort of thing.

Perhaps someone else knows how to do this with a single selector!

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Ah yes, that's something I thought of and an elegant solution.

But yeah a single selector I think is something I need, as unfortunately there's one additional thing I should've mentioned in the original post, I need to render pagination! And I don't think that will play nicely with combining queries and slices.

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Thank you, that worked!

I wanted to loop through the results to template them manually and for some reason I had to change the following, which did nothing:

echo $limitedResults->renderPager();


$pager = $modules->get("MarkupPagerNav");
echo $pager->render($limitedResults);

but otherwise, got there in the end.

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