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ProcessWire as Intranet site?


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I am interested to know if ProcessWire CMS can be used as an intranet. Only accessible to a group of users and with the entire site hidden unless you log in.

Here are some of the requirements:

  • The site is access-protected so that only authorized accounts can see any site content at all, only the login page.
  • Multiple editors. Only autorized users can update, create, add and upload documents, pages. I think the maximum of them will be approximately 10 or 20 users. The rest of the users obly be able to read the contents.
  • Stability and Security. I do not want to introduce security vulnerabilities, so the security is one of the most important part in this project. 

Any guidance, warnings, advice would be greatly appreciated.



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We've built an intranet for one of clients in ProcessWire before and it worked out nicely. Be sure to test all your roles and permissions carefully by creating test users for each. You might need to do some hooks or use some modules to get the level of control you need for your users.

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