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WordPress compromise


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To be fair it's kind of cheap to blame this particular issue on WordPress. An unrelated vendor was compromised, which is something that could happen to pretty much any platform out there. In this sense ProcessWire isn't much (if any) safer at its core.

Just saying.

If there's a lesson here, it's probably that "anyone can be compromised". This was a vendor considered trustworthy by hundreds of thousands of users, after all. And perhaps another lesson might be that "relying on third party vendors can be an issue" — although writing every bit of code yourself isn't exactly a silver bullet either 🙂

(In the video above they also put plenty of blame on PHP as a programming language, argue that the issue is due to WordPress being "pretty old" — like new software was inherently more secure than actively maintained older software — etc. There were some valid points there as well, but blanket statements like that... ugh 🙄)

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