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Flowti - Private Planer / ERP / PM-Tool / DMS

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Well hello,

today is the day I would like to introduce Flowti, my biggest Project I have worked on for the last 2 1/2 Years and the reason I am developing Symprowire, too. 

So, what is it all about you may ask.

  • Flowti is my daily driver to Plan, Document and Execute Projects
  • Flowti is my tool to work on concepts and ideas
  • Flowti is my tool to present Work
  • Flowti is my tool to organize and support Product Management Work
  • Flowti is my digitalization Framework

To give you a glimpse about what Flowti is already capable of I attached some screenshots for you to study 😛 

To make this one short, I plan to fully Open Source Flowti this year after Symprowire reaches v1.0 and will use this post as a way to show progress. 











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3 minutes ago, netcarver said:

Nice, are you using mermaid-js for the diagramming?

Yes, currently generating diagramms by code definition in the editor, but planning to let generate diagramms by parent-child relations in a future iteration.

Its good for now and me but not that user-friendly 🙂

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