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view button in edit mode sends to localhost, not to site base adress


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HI, I developed a site in a local machine and now I transposed it to a server. Until now everything seems to work fine. However, there is a problem on edit mode: I can change the fields, save them, but when i click the «view» button, it directs to https://localhost/somepage (which goes no where) instead of https://mysite.org/somepage 
The only way to get back on track is to handwrite the right address on the address bar of the browser.

In config.php  I have:

$config->dbHost = 'localhost';
$config->dbName = 'xxxxxx';
$config->dbUser = 'xxxxxx';
$config->dbPass = 'xxxxxx';
$config->dbPort = '3306';


$config->httpHosts = array('localhost');

What should I do to get the base address all the time?

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OK, I already figured out I should replace 'localhost' with 'mysite.org',

(The problem was that on first try to solve, I wrote 'https://mysite.org')

And I put on the config->httpHosts = array('localhost', 'mysite.org');
or should I write array('localhost', 'https://mysite.org', 'http://mysite.org') ?
or should I change the order?

I don't know exactly how to do it (I simply try by error and success), but I already understood that with certain configurations, ckeditor, for example, looses track of mystyles.js.

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