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CKEditor converting divs/classes to <p>


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Good morning

I have an issue with the CKeditor html editor converting/stripping <div> to <p> when the update is saved.

I have tried editing the config.js file by adding both

config.extraAllowedContent= 'div(*)'; and config.allowedContent= true;

I have added these to the below files but it makes no difference so am unsure which file I am missing for the changes to be effective?

  • .wire-3.0.180\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldCKEditor\ckeditor-4.16.0\config.js
  • site\modules\AdminOnSteroids\CKE\config.js
  • site\modules\AdminOnSteroids\CKE\sample-cke.js
  • site\modules\InputfieldCKEditor\config-body.js
  • site\modules\InputfieldCKEditor\config.js

Thanks for any help


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have you tried adding CreateDiv to CKeditor toolbar ?
you'll find it in the field setting "input" tab => CKEditor settings
this allows you not only to create div directly from the toolnar but will also keep yours if you wrote some in the source code

hope it helps

have a nice day

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