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Solved: Changing config field paths for repeater matrix

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I'm in the process using PW multisite configuration to centralise a family of sites that will be identical aside from content.

I'm trying to create a shared folder for the main site templates and modules. It's all working fine so far but I can't get ProFields Repeater Matrix to play nice. I have my paths set up as follows in config:

$config->paths->templates = $config->paths->root . 'shared/templates/';
$config->urls->templates = $config->urls->root . 'shared/templates/';

$config->paths->fieldTemplates = $config->paths->root . 'shared/templates/fields';
$config->urls->fieldTemplates = $config->urls->root . 'shared/templates/fields';

$config->paths->siteModules = $config->paths->root . 'shared/modules/';
$config->urls->siteModules = $config->urls->root . 'shared/modules/';

But the repeater matrix doesn't seem to be picking up the customer templates located in /shared/templates/fields

In the template I have the usual:

echo $page->render('page_blocks'); ?>

But all I'm getting is a bullet point list of matrix block ID's. It's not rendering using the templates.

I can force the path of page->render to use the shared folder ($config->paths->fieldTemplates.'/page_blocks.php), but then it just outputs a blank page - as if it's not finding the sub templates.


Any ideas? 🙏

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solved problem
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