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WirePDF download File

Frank Schneider

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i create a pdf file with WirePdf on PW andand want it download to browser downloads folder.

$header = '';
$footer = $pages->get("/einstellungen/")->company_name;
$filename = 'Ausgabe.pdf';
error_reporting(0); // E_ALL=Melde alle PHP-Fehler 0=deaktiviert
$pdf = $modules->get('WirePDF');
$pdf->pageFormat = 'A4';
$pdf->leftMargin = 20;
$pdf->rightMargin = 20;
$pdf->topMargin = 20;
$pdf->bottomMargin = 20;
$mpdf = $pdf->mpdf;
$mpdf->Output($filename, 'F');

 $mpdf->Output($filename, 'F'); works and create in template folder.

 $mpdf->Output(); not working and the browser shows, annot load file.

Know anyone the reason.

Ist it a parameter in PW?


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Looks like you’re using @Wanze’s module Pages2Pdf. Unfortunately that module is pretty outdated and not compatible with PHP 8. I recommend switching to @bernhard’s RockPdf:

$pdf = $modules->get('RockPdf');
    'mode' => 'utf-8',
    'format' => [210, 297],
    'margin_top' => 20,
    'margin_bottom' => 20,
    'margin_left' => 20,
    'margin_right' => 20,
$pdf->download($page->name . '.pdf');

It comes with handy output methods:


You can use these methods to output your pdf files:

save() to save your file to the file system
show() to directly show your file in the browser
download() to force the browser to download the pdf


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