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ProcessLogin: admin - Login failed


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I have seen many different responses for this problem, but none of the solutions work. This is a new install (the latest version) that has allowed me to log in as admin several times. But has stopped now. I have used the forgot password reset and I get exactly the same message - ProcessLogin: admin - Login failed 

I do not think I have installed new modules since the last successful login.

Short of nuking it, I am fresh out of ideas. Very frustrated.


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A few thoughts:

  • $config->userAuthSalt was changed
  • a database update broke something (update through your hosting company)
  • a browser extension interferes
  • a CDN interferes (Cloudflare is really good at it)
  • you use the wrong user name
  • you changed settings to login with e-mail

That's it for now.

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This has happened again on a completely fresh install. I suspect it has something to do with LoginRegisterPro but cannot prove it. I have taken into account all the things you mentioned above as well @wbmnfktr - Cannot work out why it seems to work fine for a while then stops working. I am going to move this over to the LoginRegisterPro forumas it appears to be responsible.

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