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Extra custom button before the "save" button in admin area


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Hi community!

In the admin area we have the green save button (reno default uikit theme). I would like to add another button (or dropdown / or just an text slogan ...) before the save button.

Just overwriting some less/css in not possible because the button does not even exist yet. So the question is how can I

1. create the button: I think I have to copy the whole orginal admin.css and include it in admin.less where I can create this new button and its button class. Is there no simplier way?

2. The new created button must be protected from automatic updates of processwire

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i don't know when it come to a slogan but if you need a function button or a dropdown with a series of actions behind each link, it's quite easy to do this with a module
it won't go before the save button but will be easily visible in the top menu bar like in this french website i've made



in case it helps 🙂

have a nice day

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