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Uncaught TypeError: window.Tracy.Debug.bar is undefined

Ivan Gretsky

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Good day, @adrian!

I am debugging an Admin Action (yes, another module of your's)). I get an error and try to debug with bd(). I can see the Tracy bar and the dumps count appear. But then I hover the cart with dumps popup doesn't show. Actually no popups in the bar work.

I get this message in the browser dev tools console:

I also notice, that the Tracy code is added to the document twice:

Why can that happen? Tracy seem to work as it should on other pages.

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Hi @Ivan Gretsky - thanks for the file. Unfortunately I can't reproduce yet. I thought perhaps you might have been bootstrapping PW into the action or something like that. Seeing Tracy loaded twice like that is definitely weird. Do you only see that with this action, or any Admin Action?

Does it show up when loading the action, or only after running it?

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I am running this action just like any other. But it does end up with an error (which I am trying to debug) and a Bluescreen (Redscreen would be a better term here))).

I do not see this on any other actions I run, though I didn't try to make them end with an error.

I does show only when I am running it and get an error.

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