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Clínica Trust


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I just realised I never showcased this site here, and it's a pretty one.


Clínica Trust is a health clinic in downtown Porto offering services on multiple medical fields. The website is a collaboration between Supertiny and Go Design (whose site is also PW, by the way). Go designed it, we built it. This was made some two years ago, and I just came back to it as we're back to working with this clinic on SEO, social media and marketing.

Since we're starting a marketing effort for this client, recently we've refactored the specialties structure. Where initially we had a single page listing all specialties with a paragraph of text for each one, we now have dedicated pages for each one and profiles for each specialist. This will allow campaigns and posts to point directly to a specialty and create the necessary means for better ads and greater conversion. The scheduling form was also tweaked for better conversion tracking and improved UX, as now a user can request an appointment straight from a specialty/specialist page and have that info automatically carried over to the request.

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1 hour ago, horst said:

I'm thinking if it would be a good idea to spent the Especialidades main menu point some sort of dropdown with all subpages listet?

That is a good idea. Maybe I'll suggest that as an upgrade when we do a performance review. That and a search box.

Initially this was very simplified, summarised in a single page with only a paragraph of text for each specialty. Very visual, but very little content and a bit hard to scan, as you had to scroll through a huge page to find the specialty you're looking for. But considering they'll start investing in SEM, that needed to change and have dedicated pages where users land from a campaign. Looking at how it's turned out now, a dropdown menu of sorts would certainly make it quicker to navigate. Good point.

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