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Members of the PHP community have set up the PHP Foundation


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Great read! Thanks @szabesz.

Hopefully we get this right. We can learn a lot from Apache, both what ASF have got right and the things they didn't get right.

I loved this one 😁:


Q: Does this have anything to do with Rasmus’s birthday?
A: No, the Nov 22 date is just a coincidence. Nothing to do with Nikita’s birthday either, which is off-by-one, Nov 23.


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14 hours ago, Ivan Gretsky said:

Do we have anything to contribute?

Maybe money? I mean according to the article, that's the easiest way to do it (apart from spreading the message): https://opencollective.com/phpfoundation I think that currently there is no way to do it together but correct me if I'm wrong.

Maybe Ryan could set up a way to pay a small extra for PHP foundation support. What I mean is that there could be an option in the Pro module checkout process for paying an extra $5 for PHP foundation support, so that he could sign up "ProcessWire as a supporter". But the $100/month option would probably be too much, and the OPTIONAL $5 per purchase would never cover it. If there was a $30/month option for small communities like us, that might work out well. Ryan could ask them for such a support option, theoretically...

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Related, so I did NOT want to create a new topic for it.

Note: I am especially happy to see enums, as a think implementing state machines / statecharts is the way to go when developing "expandable systems". Not that personally I am into some large systems or anything like that, but ProcessWire is large enough from benefiting it, I think. For example, Java seems to have been having it for years: https://www.google.com/search?q=enum+for+state+machines Still, when I find the time, I will experiment with enums to see if I can use it to improve my coding. I hope I can :)



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the missing word NOT wa added....
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