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I created a repository for a base HTML5 startup.


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Hey guys, I've created an initial ProcessWire bootstrap repository if any of you want to use it.

Try this, branch it out, do whatever you want with it. 


The features of this bootstrap are:

  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Modernizr/HTML5 Shiv

Javascript Libraries:

  • Twitter Bootstrap Javascript Library
  • jQuery-1.8.2
  • jQueryUI-1.9.1
  • jQuery.fittext.js
  • jQuery.mobile-1.20
  • jQuery.scrollto-
  • retina-0.0.2

CSS/LESS Frameworks:

  • font-awesome (not 3.0 yet)
  • KUBE Grid (in LESS)
  • Twitter Bootstrap Library (in LESS - library.less)
  • Base LESS file (style.less) 

Key changes to Ryan's initial download are just that I took each one of his calls and abstracted them out as includes. So Ryan's functionality has been abstracted into the following includes:

  • Breadcrumbs -> breadcrumb.inc
  • Page Titles -> pagetitle.inc
  • Random Image -> randomimage.inc
  • Search -> search.inc
  • Sidebar -> sidebar.inc

For example, to add the breadcrumbs to your site, simply include it in your markup like so:


Also included is Soma's Markup Simple Module.

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Thanks for posting this. Just wanted to say that you don't need to include all core and install files. Just the template and module folder would suffice. Or if you want you can use Profile Exporter module to export the setup as an install.

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