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404 on CKEditor plugin 'detail'


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Hi there,

I'm trying to install the 'detail' plugin https://github.com/akilli/ckeditor4-detail

But, after enabling it i get a 404 in the network tab and the text field doesn't display at all:

The plugin isn't supposed to have any dependencies.. I think. Also the 'api' folder doesn't exist under plugins. So now I'm not sure how to go troubleshoot this further.

thanks! J

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if you look at the plugin js source code, you'll see its dependencies

requires: 'api,widget',

and, downloading those ckeditor addons, you'll see widget has quite a lot too so, first, you'll have to download those

they are not default plugins installed in pw
then, well, i suppose you've put the detail plugin files in a... detail folder in your /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins folder, do the same with all those plugins folders too

but it's not finished 🙂 go to your ckeditor field input tab and allow all those plugins and, afterwards but considering your post i think you've already done this, add Detail to your ckeditor toolbar, job done 🙂

ckeditor is highly configurable but it's not always that simple 😄

have a nice day

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Amazing. Thank you! It works perfectly.

What wasn't clear to me is how the dependencies translated to PW.
Now I know:

1. look in the source for all dependencies recursively until I there is no more
2. download all of them
3. add all of them to PW
4. enable all of them
5. profit

What's your thoughts on using the online ckeditor builder? When I try it out it gives a whole package with lots of stuff - of which some would maybe conflict with PW's install, perhaps. Table, for example is already installed. The whole CKEditor ecosystem is seemingly really powerful, but would be good to have a more automated process for installing it.


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