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Padloper 2: Alpha/Early Beta Testers Wanted


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In preparation for testing of the initial (alpha/early beta) release of Padloper 2, I would like to gather expressions of interest. In the past, some of you expressed a willingness to help with testing. It has been many days since and your position might have changed. In addition, I would like to do this in an organised manner so we cover as much ground as possible. The grounds I’d like to cover are usability and technical aspects with a bias towards the latter. Please also note that there are a number of planned features that will follow the initial release. Hence, we shouldn’t focus much on those. These and similar thoughts will be added to a planned features list (more on this below). The main focus of this testing is to make Padloper 2 production-ready.

In order to properly organise this testing, I will need to gather some information from you. I will be doing this via Google Forms. The most important detail will be your email address. I will need this in order to inform you how to access Padloper 2 as well as for other necessary communication. I will not use your email address for any other purposes nor pass it to any third-party ?. Other information to be captured in the form would be what areas of testing you will you want to be involved in and your preference for planned features (since I will need to prioritise them). Forms are better than plain emails in this respect.

Please note the following if you wish to be involved in the testing programme:

  1. Pricing and subscription will follow the model I have previously stated (similar to ProcessWire Pro Modules). However, for the testing programme, your subscription period will NOT start counting down until after the production-ready release.  You will still also have VIP support (please note the nature and location of this may change). To be fair to other testers, anyone joining the programme needs to actually spend time testing the product. If you won’t have time to do this, please wait for the production release.
  2. This initial release is NOT a production release. Although it may work for some in that regard, it will not be tagged as production-ready (hence the alpha tag).
  3. Licences will be the usual three: (i) Basic/Single Site Licence, (ii) Developer Licence and (iii) Agency Licence. I can explain the different between these three if anyone needs clarity.
  4. The initial release will have the introductory prices of €150, €300, €900 for single, developer and agency licences respectively.
  5. Cooling period will be 14 days (within which a full refund can be requested, no questions asked). Please note that this time period may change for the production release.

Here is the link to the Google Form to express your interest in the testing programme. The form will close in 10 days.

Many thanks for your patience. Hope to see you soon in the testing programme. I trust you will enjoy Padloper 2 as much as I have had the pleasure (and honour) of developing it ?.

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Add link to Google Form + clarification
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Although, I wrote my shop a long time ago. But with pleasure I will test yours too.

My store was founded 10 years ago on the Shop-for-ProcessWire v-001 module that @apeisa wrote. But I've rewritten pretty much everything, and I'm constantly adding new features.

Conventional store systems don't work for us, as we have many different product properties. In addition, the store has a peculiar sales algorithm. As well as a special payment gateway for a local bank. And also loading goods from the warehouse accounting program.

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