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Dumb Questions 101 for newbies...


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What is the Submit button for after installing a Module.

I am not entirely sure, if the Green Submit Button is part of the installation process, or only there as part of the uninstall process.

IF it is part of the uninstall process, it might be better served to be contained in the Uninstall Div that pops open, when you check the Uninstall checkbox.

Does it have anything to do with finalizing the Installation process of the module?


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To confirm then, it's not necessary to click the green submit button to finalize installation of most modules.

My first inclination was that maybe I had to be clicking the green submit to finalize module installation.

Also using the Modules Manager, it would be nice if there were a link on that screen to go directly back to the Modules manager screen.

thanks for the infos. :)

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Next up on the 'Dumb Questions' hit parade...

Is there a good tutorial, module or forum topic resource on creating a feature slider?

  • An images slider
  • Or an images featured stories type slider with some text

I'ld love to create this type of content to contribute, granted, I knew how to do it ;)

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I posted some instructions for using Galleria: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2533-first-site-first-problem/?p=24929

If you have other question, just jump in and ask some more.

And your questions are not dumb!  If you are asking it, it's very likely that someone else is also asking the same thing.



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