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Remove first four characters from title


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I'm trying to remove first four characters from a title field (or custom text field), how would I do this?

I have titles like (they are imported with csv and numbers are for automatic categorising sort so they have to be there)

01 - Category1
02 - Category2
03 - Category3

I only want to output the Category1, category2, etc...

Any help appreciated

Thank you

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  • Roych changed the title to Remove first four characters from title

The PHP function substr() can be used to start after the 4. character. You can use it in your template file or create a little textformatter module.

(Sorry im on mobile, no link to the PHP manual provided.)

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@horstbeat me to it ๐Ÿ˜€.

Two options:

Option 1: substr()ย https://www.php.net/releases/8.0/en.phpย (+ trim() only if needed) edit.

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

$originalString = '01 - Category1';
// will remove the space after 01 - for you as well
$str = substr($originalString, 5); 
// debug
// d($str,'substr');

Option 2: array explode() + trim()

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

$originalString = '01 - Category1';
// explode the string on the hyphen ('-')
// this creates an array
$str2Array =  explode("-",$originalString);
// our string is in the second position
// we get it and remove spaces on each side
$str2 = trim($str2Array[1]);
// debug
// d($str2Array,'$str2Array');
// d($str2,'str2');



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At what time do you want to remove thosecharacters: when importing the data, when displaying the title on the frontend ?
depending on your need this could be achieed with a substr PHP function (when displaying the title on the frontend) or via a hook when importing/saving the title.

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