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Bug? UIKit settings for margins not working


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I believe this is a bug. If UIKit theme is used and we traverse to Modules > Configure > AdminThemeUikit > Forms + input, the setting for “Input types that should be offset with additional top/bottom margin” has no affect.

I started with Fieldset, but it didn't work. I thought, maybe it’s just the Fieldset field which isn't working; so I placed the entirety of **all** the available fields in that setting. But no fields are effected within my admin screens.

I logged out and cleared my cache but still nothing. What **does** work is going into the individual settings for each field (at the field level) and activating the extra margin setting there. But at the global UIKit setting, it appears something is broke.

(Attached is the setting I’m referring to.)



Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 1.14.46 AM.png

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