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[video] How to set up a ProcessWire friendly LAMP development server from scratch in 15 minutes (Digital Ocean / Linode / WSL2)

Jonathan Lahijani

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The following video demonstrates how to set up a development server that is 100% ProcessWire friendly and uses all the latest software (PHP 8, MySQL 8, Apache 2).  While there are other approaches to it (such as using tasksel lamp), the video demonstrates an efficient and clean way in getting all the latest versions of the software, advanced configuration settings, in addition to setting up SSL.

This could also be used for WSL2 since it's ultimately a barebone virtual machine, much like DigitalOcean and similar providers.


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7 hours ago, Ivan Gretsky said:

Love to see those PW related tutorials appear in YouTube search results) Great one, @Jonathan Lahijani!

It seems you are using PHP 8 and MySQL 8 for development. Are you using those in production too? I was waiting for something to make a move to PHP 8, but the forum says it is too early. What is you experience?

Yes I am using them in production as well.  I think most PHP 8 issues in ProcessWire itself have been resolved.  There might be some 3rd party modules that haven't been updated in a while that have some bugs, but I don't use them.

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Here my 5cts to it for Windows users.
Laragon has been updated to version 5.x and now works also with php8
(There is even a x86 version available if needed)

Laragon 5.x is very easy to set it up to work from php5.x to php8.x

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