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Problems with file handling


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sorry to bother you again -- I'll try not to open topics/asking questions daily ;) The following codes does not work properly and I'm wondering why:

	<?php $download1 = $pages->get(1014)->download1;?>
	<a href="<?= $download1->url?>">
		<img src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>images/pdf.png" />

Ressource 1014 has the field "download1" filled with a dummy pdf, and the URL is printed. But nothing more, ->file, ->filename, ->name, ->ext and so on are empty although the file (dummy_1.pdf) can "physically" be found in /site/assets/files/1014/

Have I missunderstood the Cheat sheet/API in some way?

Thanks again! :)


Edit: this code is placed in another template, therefore the $pages->get(1014) instead of $page->download1

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I stepped in the ->first()-trap again... From now on I'll place a post it on my monitor, stating "...have you tried ->first?" or "Try ->first() first before annoying people in the PW forums!" :)


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