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How to make many to many relationship?


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Hi, welcome to ProcessWire!

A page reference field IS a many-to-many relationship. Say you want to model Students and Courses: each Student can enroll in many Courses, each Course can have many Students. You put a page reference field in your Student template and make multiple Courses selectable. Now you can get all Courses a Student is enrolled in:


And all Students enrolled in a Course:

$pages->find("template=student, courses=$coursePage")

A feature that is often requested is the ability to edit or at least view this relationship from both sides. In my example, the Admin area will only show Courses while editing a Student, but when editing a Course you can’t see its Students . There are Modules that fix this, such as this one by @Robin Shttps://processwire.com/modules/connect-page-fields/. It will synchronise two page reference fields so the relationship will actually be stored from both sides.

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