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Collapse fields in fieldset individually


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This is a simple question (I think) so I'm hoping there is a simple answer...

My new Fieldtype module 

has an inputfield which is a fieldset comprising (up to) 4 inputfields. In the admin UI, each field has a caret to expand/collapse.  However, clicking any one of them causes the same behaviour in all of them. I am enhancing this to add extra notes to one of the fields (quantity) that the user may wish to collapse, but collapsing that collapses all the input fields. I can set the initial collapse states differently, but after the first click, they all sync. Any ideas how to avoid this?

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Do these inputfields have a column width set so that they all appear in the same row? If so then I think it is recent core behaviour that collapsing one inputfield in a row collapses all the fields in the row.


This didn't use to happen but it did make for some weird gaps and outline anomalies when a single inputfield in a row was collapsed, so the new behaviour is probably better.

So if you have an inputfield that will usually be collapsed I think the best thing is to put it on a separate row within the fieldset.

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