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Add All Button for Page Reference Field


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Hi all,

Is there a way to add all selectable pages at once to a page reference field (via a button click or as another selectable option)?

Thanks for any help!

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if you have chosen the multiple select option for the field, it acts like a native html multiple select, click on the first one, hold the shift key and click on, the last one, job done

if instead of a select you've... selected the checboxes option, well, personally i would go for another toggle/checkbox or else field saying all the pages and if checked, in the template i would use the same selection as the one you've set for the reference field with a $pages->find(...)

in case it helps

have a nice day

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Hi @virtualgadjo

Thats actually good to know that its that easy for the multiple select fieldtype. But I am actually building a backend to be used by the client and am searching for a more intuitive approach here. 

To be able to sort the selected pages I am also using AsmSelect as the input field type and for that your hack isn't working.

But thank you anyway 🙂

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