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Sharing authorization between ProcessWire installations

Ivan Gretsky

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Good day everyone! Hope you all safe and healthy!

I am thinking about a rather ambitious project (for me). It should consist of a number of ProcessWire based sites which will serve the same group of registered users. I need to make the user registration a one time process. And I need to share the user data across the sites. Single sign-in is also in plans. I am thinking about placing the user info and all the user data in one installation and somehow sharing it between all the other. But I am open to any suggestions.

Please share your thoughts and experience on the topic. I am only in the very beginning and trying to estimate is it even doable.

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Here is the customized module. You will need to run:

composer require predis/predis

 to use it.

Add the following settings to your `config.php`

    $config->redis_session_server_ip     = '';
    $config->redis_session_server_port   = 6379;
    $config->redis_session_server_db     = 0;
    $config->redis_session_server_prefix = "PHPSESSID:";
    $config->redis_session_server_ttl    = 1800;

Change the session prefix to whatever you want.

Once installed, you can then share the same session (using the prefix) across multiple sites as long as those sites are reading/writing to the same redis server.


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Cool stuff, @Rudy!

May I ask a few additional questions?

  1. Do you limit the ability to login/register to only one installation? How?
  2. You do not re-create users on all installations, do you?
  3. Are you using user info from one installation in all the others? I mean something like $user->hasRole() and things like finding users? How? Are you using API call to other instances?
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@Ivan Gretsky my usage is slightly different than yours. It's more for running a website on a multiple servers through a load-balancer. I have my database running on AWS RDS and a separate Redis server.

I think you should:
- limit the login/register to only one installation
- use either database or redis to store your sessions
- use AppAPI module to make REST calls from the primary site

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Thanks for the great suggestions! Will make my mind around it and try.

If anyone has other ideas or experience on the topic, please share. I did not consider REST API for using $user data from the main registration site on the other installations (and do not have expertise in this). Are there other (simpler? more PW-ish?) ways to do it?

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