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Problem with multilanguage pagination names after update to PW 3.0.185

Crowdland Technology

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I created a Real Estate CRM that runs with 4 languages. All my clients are okay with PW 3.0.184 but since I updated one to 3.0.185 the multi-language support for pagination names stopped working. 

Since 2 of those languages Español and Catalá use "pagina" instead of "page" for pagination, the system wasn't recognizing it and reset to "page2" without the get vars of the search query.

I fixed it setting all to "page" but I need it working as it was.

Here the fixed example and also a working example with PW 3.0.184 of a new client I'm implementing these days.

Pagination working with "page" for all languages:

Pagination working with pagina and page for different languages:


Any idea?

Thank you!


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Hi @Crowdland Technology There has been a lot of changes in 3.0.185 that relative to ML support and other part of request handling so it's better to stay for some time on the stable 3.0.184. 

There is already an opened issue https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1447 So you can describe your case there 

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