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Delete a page and all his children via API


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public static function delete () {
		$response = [
			'data' => []
		$id = wire('input')->get('id');	
		$page = wire("pages")->get($id)->children();
		foreach ($page as $child) {
		$page = wire("pages")->get($id);
		$return = true;
		$response = [
			'esito' => $return,

Via API i want t delete a page and his children ; the code delete only the children because after i get this error

 "devmessage": {
    "class": "ProcessWire\\WireException",
    "code": 0,
    "message": "Can't delete Page 1345 because it has one or more children.",

If i recall the same route (example: https://www.sampleweb.com/api/delete?id=1345)  a second time the page parent is correctly deleted

But there is a way for call once the route?
Thank you


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You can use RockMigrations for such tasks 😉 It's a very Powerful Module


Or just look at the docs 😉 


// Delete a page and recursively all of its children, grandchildren, etc. 
$item = $pages->get('/some-page/');

It looks like the "true" is missing:


"If set to true, then this will attempt to delete all children too."

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