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[Solved] Remove Entry From PageReference Field with Input = Page List Select


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Hi folks,

I've set up a field to link to an other internal page and with a Input Field Type of Page List Select. All work well until you want to remove a selection altogether. Adding a page in from the list or changing it is fine but I can't find a way for the editor (or Superuser) to remove a selection once it's made. See screen grab attached. Clicking on 'Change' shows the list of pages to choose from but no way of removing any selection to leave it blank.

I ended up deleting that line from the database manually but obviously that's not a solution.

Anyone found out how an editor can do this?

PW 3.0.165


Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 14.54.31.png

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16 hours ago, Zeka said:

Hi @prestoav

Just find your selected page in the page tree and there will be 'Unselect' option. See screenshot at the thread


Hi Zeka,

Doh, I can't believe I didn't spot that!

thanks for the tip. Marked as solved.

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  • prestoav changed the title to [Solved] Remove Entry From PageReference Field with Input = Page List Select
15 hours ago, BitPoet said:

Or install @tpr's AdminOnSteroids module which, among many other really convenient shortcuts, adds a "clear" button to PageListSelects.

Thanks BitPoet.

I was using AoS for a while but I found it didn't play nicely with the admin UI Kit theme in places and I understand AoS is no longer being developed so I've stopped using it in production. It's a shame because it really did add some nice features.

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