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Dynamically Create Template

Brian Scramlin

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namespace ProcessWire;

// create field
$field = new Field();
$field->name = 'my_field';
$field->label = 'My Field';
$field->type = 'FieldtypeText';

// save field
// get field
$field = wire('fields')->get('my_field');

// Create fieldgroup
$fieldgroup = new Fieldgroup();
// if you want to edit fields in this field group via admin panel, name need to be same with template name
$fieldgroup->name = 'my_template';

// save fieldgroup
// get fieldgroup
$fieldgroup = wire('fieldgroups')->get('my_template');

// Create template
$template = new Template();
$template->name = 'my_template';
$template->label = 'My Template';
$template->fieldgroup = $fieldgroup;

// save template
// get template
$template = wire('templates')->get('my_template');


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