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Newline character breaks translation


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I’m on PW 3.0.184 and PHP 7.3.3 and have an issue when I insert a \n into a translation string. The string shows up correctly in the language translator in the backend. However, if I translate the string and then echo it via template file, it won’t return the translated string but its default value. As soon as I remove the \n out of the translation string, the translated value is correctly returned. I used the example from the docs to test:

$out = __("It's time for you \nto get to the party.");  // good 

Can someone confirm this?

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I cannot find any example with newline character in the docs? Do I oversee something?

I thought that escape characters are not supported by the translation. If I'm right, maybe it should be written explicitly in the docs too.

I think the right usage is or can be like this:

// use %s with sprintf()
$out = sprintf(__("It's time for you %sto get to the party."), "\n");


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