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Additional data for page relations


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I would like to see the possibility to specify additional data when using the page reference field. I've come to need this many times already, but always used some workaround so far.


1) Team members with different roles
Imagine there's a template "team" referencing many "user"s.
Now in the team there are different roles, e.g. "coach", "member" and "trial". Right now we would have to add different page reference fields (that are all referencing "user" objects). Having additional data on relations would make this much easier.

2) Join-date for team members
Staying with the team members example, it would be useful to store, when each member joined the team. So far I would not know how to achieve that with the current feature set. Probably by storing some information in a JSON textfield in the team.


Edit: this feature request has also been posted here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/421

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16 hours ago, kixe said:

I made this post yesterday:

This looks like a timing made in heaven. Thank you so so much! Going to try it out right now.


15 hours ago, Pixrael said:

Have you already tried using the repeater field for that?

Very good idea! That would probably work (having a repeater that repeats a single page select and an additional information field).
However it probably has a few downsides too (especially api wise, but it's also a bit more cumbersome to input, because you don't get feedback which pages have already been referenced).

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