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Very slow page editing from one template


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I'm using Processwire 3.0.180.

When I edit a page in admin, Tracy Debugger count between 50 and 100 pages loaded, depending on the templates. All pages open in less than a second.

But when I edited pages from a certain template, this pages opened in more than 40 seconds and Tracy Debugger count more than 14000 pages loaded.

When I look in the pages loaded list, I find a very large amount of lines that look like this:

1247	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-182/for-page-1246/	Page	
1248	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-158/for-page-1246/	Page	
1249	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-159/for-page-1246/	Page	
1250	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-169/for-page-1246/	Page	
1251	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-170/for-page-1246/	Page	
1252	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-180/for-page-1246/	Page	
1254	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-137/for-page-1253/	Page	
1256	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-182/for-page-1255/	Page	
1258	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-170/for-page-1195/	Page	
1261	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-182/for-page-1132/	Page	
1262	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-159/for-page-1132/	Page	
1263	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-169/for-page-1132/	Page	
1264	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-170/for-page-1132/	Page	
1265	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-180/for-page-1132/    Page

Or other like :

10222	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-5710/1623420295-8678-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10232	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-5710/1623420316-7346-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10242	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-5708/1623482402-7605-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10256	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624257169-0968-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10266	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624257191-2937-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10278	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624257284-3093-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10289	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624258816-4716-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10302	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259001-0062-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10312	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259056-5808-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10326	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259204-4337-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10336	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259240-545-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10347	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259280-7777-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10357	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259299-317-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10369	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-6006/1624259684-8705-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	
10381	/sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10379/1624259765-4187-1/	RepeaterMatrixPage	

More than 10000...

This template doesn't contain repeaterMatrix.

How can I understand what's happened ?

Thanks for your help

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