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TextformatterEmoji converts named shortcode emojis in ProcessWire text or textarea fields to the corresponding UTF-8 emoji character. For instance :smile: converts to: ?

This can be especially useful if your ProcessWire uses the utf8 character set rather than utf8mb4 as it enables you to use emojis on an installation that typically would not be able to save them. This is because emojis usually require utf8mb4 (4 bytes characters) to be used by the database in order to store them.

Note that how the emoji appears (and sometimes whether it appears) can vary from platform to platform, and from browser to browser.

Here is an alphabetical list of supported emojis and the shortcodes you can use to show them in your text. If you want to add any emojis that are not already present you can do so in the emojis.json file.

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