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Functions API enabled but not working


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It is quite some time since I launched my last PW project and can't remember/find if I forgot something. 

The functions API in my /site/config.php is set to true. I have just installed a blank new PW project. But every call ends with an error.




Darn… Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function page() in site/templates/_main.php:15

The config setting is correct, but still it is not working. Did I miss something? I just installed 3.0.165


Edit: Just noticed it works fine in template files like basic-page.php and home.php but not in _main.php (which gets appended)

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Added more info at the end
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Do you have a correct namespace set in top of your _main.php?

Otherwise you may test in your testpage the following:



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Yes, I had set the namespace properly. 

Strange part now, I installed another PW instance, a couple of hours ago, and first thing I tested was the Functions API in a newly created _main.php. It worked. I did a lot of testing and lastly just copied the file itself. That file worked (was just an echo page()->id). I copied the markup again and everything was like before, but it now works.

I have no idea what was wrong with the other file. Just tested with different encodings, BOM, w/out namespace etc. but nothing to reproduce the error.

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