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Tagging all versions

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@ryan Just wanted to track down an issue I'm having with PW and a module that's in the works. The module works fine on PW v3.0.181 but not on 3.0.165 so I wanted to go back through the tags on github, bisecting the tag space till I nailed down the minimum version I need to declare in my module. However, the list of tags seems to be very sparse on GH compared to the versions as notified in your blog posts. 

Could you be persuaded to add a git tag when you bump the version in wire/core/ProcessWire.php file and to push the tags to GH as well?  This would make it really easy to install any given version by tag from git/github and allow an easier match with the information published in the blog as well.

As always, thanks and best wishes.

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There is so much significant change in minor releases it seem to make sense. There was at least a couple of times I did try to download specific version of the core to mirror remote installation and it was not as easy as it could be.

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Ok, so I can find the sha's of the commits via the history of the ProcessWire.php page on GH here - but I still think it would be nice to be able to reference by tag in git :)

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