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$pages->find but only find pages with no children


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so i want to $pages->find find pages only that dont have children i didnt see any options for this so i tried this

$kate = $pages->find("template=hry_home");
foreach ($kate as $bruh) {
    if($bruh->hasChildren()) {

this works incredibly good but i need it for pagination so i still need to limit it and thats where i got stuck simply

$kat = $pages->find("$kate ,limit=5"); 

doesnt work, how do you work around this problem?

every page has the same template, so i cannot use just different selector in find command are there any other quirsk i could use ?

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15 minutes ago, Zeka said:

Hi @picarica

Have you tried something like

$pages->find('template=hry_home, children.count=0');



no i wasnt aware of -> not() functinon this works fine i found out one workaround by myself i checked if field which as every page isnt empty but this is very good solution thanks

$kat = $pages->find("subor_hry>1, $limiter");


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