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PW 3.0.182 – Core updates

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ProcessWire 3.0.182 is now posted on the dev branch. For a review of what's in this version, see the "Latest core updates" section of ProcessWire Weekly #374 and #375 plus this week there have been 12 additional commits with new issue resolutions, improvements and additions which can be found in the dev branch commits log. It's possible that ProcessWire Weekly #376 will also cover some of these updates when it is released too. I'd planned on even more in this version, but ended up losing a day of work yesterday as we had no electricity all day (it happens). So I worked outside in the yard instead— 3 issues were resolved, 4 improvements were made and 1 garage was organized. Focus in the coming weeks is on our next main/master version (core, not yard). 

If you have a chance, please take a moment to add sites you've built with ProcessWire to our sites directory. And if it's one that's already in the directory, feel free to add it again when/if it goes through a major redesign or redo. I'm really motivated by seeing the great work that all of you do and always enjoy seeing more of it. Plus, I'm thinking @teppo also likely looks at the newly submitted sites when considering the site of the week for his ProcessWire Weekly issues. If you find the existing categories on the submission form don't quite match a site you want to add, please send me a PM to let me know and I may be able to add new categories. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. 

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One thing I found with the Markdown textformatter updates is that it appears to be more strict in dealing with newlines. For some time you could simply put in a newline and the textformatter would interpret that as a line break but now you do have to strictly follow the two spaces return rule for Markdown to generate the <br>. I had a number of textarea markdown output areas where linebreaks disappeared because I didn't add the spaces.

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The update of the page title headline does not work if you are in a multilanguage environment. I changed the default language of my profile to a different language and then edited the tab with the title in that language, but the headline is not updated.

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