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new pages don't render foreach


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very strange behaviour:
- pages created before work and render foreach data.
- new pages with the same template show header and footer and nav ok, but don't render foreach-data any more.
- foreach-data in the head-navigation is rendered ok.
- child pages (without foreach) work ok

I checked and compared all settings.
Must be a very stupid simple setting.
I'm confused.

Any idea, where else I could look?

this is the code for the template:


include('_head.php'); // include header markup

  foreach ($page->children as $child) {	
	echo "<section>";
	echo "<div class='contentWrap uebersicht'>";
	echo "<a href='$child->url'><h1>{$child->arbeiten_block->first()->headline}</h1>";
	if($child->teaserBildTh) echo "<p><img src='{$child->teaserBildTh->url}' alt='{$child->teaserBildTh->description}' class='bildNeben'></p>"; 
	echo "<p>{$child->arbeiten_block->first()->details}</p></a>";
	echo "</div>";
	echo "</section>";

	include('_foot.php'); // scripts



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One possibility is that the pages are hidden, unpublished or no-access, which are ignored by default by $page->children.

Try adding an 'include=all' selector to see if the material from the pages then appears:

foreach($page->children("include=all") as $child) {	


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omg, that's it! unpublished children don't show. (which is sensible)

Big thx!


yes, thank you, shows!

But why?

Why do old pages show without?

Anyway, now not published pages show as well.

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