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Lister - buttons are being duplicated

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I created a PW module for a new admin page and I have set some buttons and a lister in an execute.php file:

    <a class="ui-button" href="./upload-batch-record">Upload batch</a>
    <a class="ui-button" href="./export-filtered">Export filtered result</a>
    <a class="ui-button" href="./generate-template">Generate CSV Template</a>
    <a class="ui-button" href="<?= $addUrl ?>">Add New</a>
<hr class="uk-divider-small" />
<?= $table ?>

Though to my surprise, Lister is also generating these buttons on top of the table like this:


What can I do to prevent this?

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The answer lies in my ___execute method in my module file.

I should return the lister only if it's an AJAX request. So I was able to do it with:

if($this->config->ajax) return $lister->execute();

return array(

under ___execute

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