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Best way of redirecting to a page


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I have a search bar that should redirect to a page if the query matches a page title. Based on suggestions I read on the forum I implemented this as follows:

$protein_page = $pages->get("template=protein, title='$search_input'");

if(!($protein_page instanceof NullPage)) {
	echo "No results for that query!";

Do I really need to retrieve a $page object only to get the url? I actually know the url since it is simply mysite/proteins/$search_input.

Is Process Wire smart enough to render the page based on the info retrieved in $protein_page or should I simply use:


In this case I don't know how to avoid the redirect if the url doesn't exist.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, of course you can use the redirect-function just with a url based on the input. This is basically what you provide PW with $protein_page->url.

But I'm not quite sure if this makes a big difference in your case since you're using $pages->get before. So just try out what works better / more performant for you. 


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

My problem is that I want to avoid to query the database twice. Am I doing that in the first snippet?

1 - I get all of the data from the page, this is all of its fields, just to use the url attribute

2- I do the $session->redirect(), thus I have to retrieve again all of the information of the specific page to populate the template

It seems like I am doing two queries.

On the other hand the second snippet would avoid this but I don't know how to avoid the redirect if the url() doesn't exists.

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