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I remember you did something for a restaurant and put somehow allergens in it... is this the module for that?
If so... I really don't get what this module could do for me.

I built several restaurants sites now and had to deal with those details for each and every dish...

I really don't want to offend you but I just don't understand what I see here. Maybe the was just too long already.

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Hi wbmnfktr,

Don't worry, you didn't offend me ? : maybe I could be too verbose and not clear.

First of all, this module  doesn't install a kind of "tool" that manages food allergens in an automatic way. It moved from a need of this kind.

Let's me explain better, if I can.

Admin editors (webmaster or their clients too) may need to check recursively some data when edit lot of pages, e.g. inserting allergens in food menu (for each dish).

So I thinked to a kind of "post-it" (or a sticky note) to check when I need to edit a page: for example, I'm not a chef nor a restaurant manager and I don't know by heart all the food allergens. So, for many clients that asked to us to maintain web editing and data entry, I built an admin page where I can check the list of allergens.



But this slows down the editing process, because the page is loaded as a new page (or it could be loaded as a new tab, switching between it and the page that I'm editing).

With the help of many people here, I have developed this module do build a system of "links" that they make appear a "panel" or a "modal" with the list of allergens.

Obviously, you must have already setted all your fields, templates and logics.

In my case, we have Hanna Code shortcuts to put into "Allergens" field, into a "menu repeater", that will be rendered as a button with tooltip.





My Hanna Code item, in this case, is :

<button type="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-warning rounded" data-container="body" data-html="true" data-toggle="popover" data-placement="top" data-content="<strong>Mustard</strong> and foods containing mustard."> 10 </button>

In other way, you can set a SelectOptions field with Checkboxes:


The code logics to display these buttons could be very similar, it doesn't matter.


Here comes the help of my module: you can set where to insert the link to the list (e.g. the notes of the "allergens" field, or a sticky button that follow your scrolling).

So you can limit the visibility of the link only to specific template, pages, and/or fields.

Ad you don't have to open new tab or switching between them: it's available immediately. It helps me very much and speeds up my workflow for data entry.


But this is not only for List of Allergens, of course.

You could embed video (with the powerful tool of Video Emebed TextFormatter) , pdf manuals (just insert a link with target="_self", and it will be displayed into the panel or modal windows. In the second case it will be displayed into the whole modal like a "preview", very useful...), and other stuff.

Let's think about technical manuals, videotutorials and text abstracts: 


All you need to do, it's simply edit the CKEditor textarea into the settings of the module, as you do for each page that you edit. Then you will find a "reminder" where you would to see it.


I hope I have explained better the use of this module to you and maybe to everybody that would try it.

Now I will upload the upgrades with the corrections of @teppo .


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47 minutes ago, wbmnfktr said:

Wow... Thank you so much @Cybermano!

That helped a lot and gave a good insight, ways, options, and things the module can do.

Next step for me will be... playing around with it as there is quite a lot to play with.


You’re welcome, and I hope you could enjoy it!

Please, let me know if it could be helpful.

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