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LoginRegisterPro questions


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A couple of questions on LoginRegisterPro that I couldn't see in the main page.

  1. Can you disable confirmation email and instantly confirm registered users?
  2. If you create new users within the PW admin back end can LoginRegisterPro send a welcome email to the user with either a password (not secure I know but a useful option for what I need it for) or a link to set their own password? Or do you need to do this yourself via hooks?
  3. Can you send users a “forgotten password” email from the PW admin back end?

If confirmation emails are mandatory that's no big deal but for what I want it for I really need to be able to do the user management from the CMS rather than through the register part of the module.


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  • DrQuincy changed the title to LoginRegisterPro questions

Thanks, that's great.

I think LoginRegisterPro does what ProcessForgotPassword does (and more).

The "Email New User" module looks very interesting, thanks — and just what I was after.

If any users of LoginRegisterPro are able to let me know if LoginRegisterPro offers the "Email New User" I'd be interested in knowing but good to know this module is available if not.

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No, LoginRegisterPro is not a superset of ProcessForgotPassword if that's what you are thinking. If ProcessForgotPassword is installed, then both the core and LoginRegisterPro will use it to provide a common password reset mechanism.

What LRP does is provide an easy way to put registration (with a confirmation stage), login and profile management forms into your front-end pages.

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