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Admin/Logs returning 404 page on pagination (except first page)


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I'm not sure if anyone can help with this, but something odd is happening on one of my PW sites in  the Admin=>Logs.

When viewing an individual log's entries, the first page displays just fine, but as soon as I click Page 2 or beyond, the content doesn't refresh; the spinner icon stays visible, and the devtools console shows the 404 page is being returned, instead of JSON.

I updated PW (from 3.0.94 to 3.0.165) yesterday, but that seems to be unrelated - I've tried reverting to v94, and the issue remains. I probably just haven't noticed it previously.

There's nothing in the Tracy Logs or in debug mode that I can see.  Lister page pagination is working OK, and pagination on the front-end is fine; it's just in the Log viewer in Admin.  The same happens on localhost as well as the live site.

Can anyone suggest where to look? It's not a big deal, just frustrating.

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